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This unique and fascinating gem show is an enjoyment for everyone, young and old. Dealers will sell goods related to the fields of gems, mineralogy, and palaeontology. Most of these goods are from world-wide locations and imported directly by the dealer. There is rough and finished lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, opals from Australia, Amber from Poland, unique crystal specimens from Morocco, Brazil, Peru, Africa, Canada, United States, and India to name a few locations.

Several jewellers with their own designs are selling or taking orders for special one-of-a kind requirements, finished in gold or sterling silver. There are also dealers selling cut stones, that is, faceted, en cabochon or other shapes finished and ready to be set in rings or other jewellery.

Other dealers sell fossils from world-wide locations, semi-precious stone beads and materials for healing also to make your own necklaces, carvings and figurines from jade, malachite, amethyst, quartz and other semi-precious stones.

At Canadian Gemological Association booth Your unknown gems can be identified. Also you can meet Gem and Mineral clubs, whose members will demonstrate jewelry making, faceting and lapidary arts.


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